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Get to know the exceptional individuals behind your success. Our facilitators are not just experts in their fields; they are passionate educators committed to inspiring and nurturing the next generation of leaders. With diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experience, they bring unique perspectives and innovative teaching methods to enrich your learning journey. Explore their profiles to discover how they can help you achieve your full potential.
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Julio Melara
Founder & CEO
Julio Melara is President & Chief Executive Officer of Melara Enterprises, a multimedia company that publishes several magazines and digital products such as the Baton Rouge Business Report, Daily Report, InRegister Magazine, 225 Magazine, 10/12 Industry Report Magazine, and others. He is passionate about helping people and organizations seize their full potential. He has been training and assisting individuals to grow since 1996. He is the author of several books, including Do You Have Time for Success?, Do You Have Time for Success?, It Only Takes Everything You’ve Got!, Keys to Performance, Mental Snacks, and Fuel for Your Life!
Headshot of Christel Slaughter.
Christel Slaughter, Ph.D.
Partner & Instructor
Dr. Christel Slaughter is a partner at SSA Consultants, and for nearly 30 years, she has led organizational change and planning efforts for hundreds of clients across the United States in the private and public sectors.

Dr. Slaughter's portfolio includes transformative projects such as leading the cultural organization transformation of a publicly traded community bank, designing and implementing an award-winning customer service program for a large healthcare institution, and spearheading the ongoing organizational development, design, and build-out of the Louisiana Emergency Response Network.
Headshot of Maurice Velasquez.
Maurice Velasquez
Maurice develops leaders, managers, and supervisors in their respective areas of their companies. He helps leaders become more collaborative, better aligned, and more effective in growing their teams and having their frontline teams become high-performing.

With over 20 years of experience working with companies and organizations across the country of all sizes and in various industries, Maurice has developed a proven, practical, and effective Leadership alignment program with long-lasting tools, disciplines, and habits.
Headshot of Henry Hays.
Henry Hays
Henry Hays is an accomplished businessman, consultant, and speaker. Henry spent 20 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, most notably building the commercial team at Avanir Pharmaceuticals, where he reached peak sales of $110 million a year. Avanir was then purchased for 35 times multiple ($3.5 billion in cash). Henry pivoted to disrupt himself at that point, with his new mission of spreading the power of disruption to all aspects of business worldwide. Henry graduated from LSU and held an altMBA. He's also taken Technology and Innovation courses at Harvard and Stanford University.
Headshot of Guy Barone.
Guy Barone
Guy oversees Melara Enterprises' day-to-day management. His extensive corporate experience includes president of a manufacturing and global marketing firm and senior communications manager for The Dow Chemical Company. Past leadership positions include board chairperson of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s District Export Council, St. Joseph’s Academy, Manufacturing Partnership of Louisiana, and the Iberville Chamber of Commerce; he is a board member and strategic planning chair for St. Vincent DePaul Baton Rouge.

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